Australia's Frustration Index

Measuring driver frustration for Australia's busiest roads

Driver Frustration

The National Transport Performance Centre at ARRB has developed a method of measuring driver frustration on Australia's road network

Data Collection

Our data collection expertise gives us an insight into what's happening on Australian roads for the average commuter


The frustration index is calculated using multiple factors from our extensive databases of road conditions and statistics


Data visualization tools give us the capability to identify Australia's most frustrating routes which need attention


Measuring driver frustration is the first step to fixing Australia's road congestion

Real Data

Data collected from multiple sources including HERE Technologies gives an accurate representation of Australian road conditions

Action Plan

Planning Australia's future road infrastructure can be prioritised on areas that need most attention

Future Planning

Visualising driver frustration over time gives a glimpse into future trouble spots

Smarter Spending

Measuring the real conditions on the roads facilitates spending tax dollars where they're needed most


See which morning routes are the most frustrating for drivers around Australia





Annual cost of congestion


Typical daily delay (minutes)


Annual passenger kilometers

National Transport Performance Centre

ARRB's National Transport Performance Center focuses on utilising the latest data sources to improve every Australian's travel experience.

"The Centre provides a unique national, independent and government owned source of transport experts, data and knowledge." - Michael Caltabiano, CEO of ARRB

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