CAV Readiness Survey

Prepare your roads for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Preparing for the future

Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) will plan a key role in the future of transport in Australia.

Appropriate road surfaces, signage and line markings play an essential role in their operation.

At ARRB we're surveying and auditing road infrastructure to assess CAV readiness.

Speed Signs

Signs are identified, classified and processed real-time to generate an inventory of information including spatial location.

Line Quality

Line marks are assessed for suitability to be read by vision systems used by connected and automated vehicles.

Lane Width

Lane widths are measured with precision and stored in a database for further analysis.

Line Width

Line widths are analysed and assessed in real time by vision systems used in autonomous vehicles.

The Results

The Technology

ARRB network survey vehicles use machine vision technology to process images in real-time with the performance and algorithms equivalent to CAV machine vision systems

The Outputs

The audit results include the key attributes for determining CAV readiness: line type, width, quality, lane departure warning availability, speed limits, speed sign types and location



CAV surveys are now underway and results will be published soon



Australia's CAV Readiness Global Rank


Potential reduction in congestion due to automated vehicles


Potential safety benefits from level 2 automation


Total road length in Australia

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