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Road Crash Map

ARRB works together with state and local governments, road agencies and industry to implement the vision of no death or serious injury on Australian and New Zealand roads. The map below has been put together from road accident data sourced nationally. Using the form provided below, report your own hotspot to help us identify dangerous areas.

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Fatal Crash:    Accidents involving one or more deaths
Major Non-fatal Crash:    In most cases involve hospitalisation
Minor Non-fatal Crash:    No hospitalisation in most cases
Note: Map covers most accidents from 2014 to early 2019, with some variation between states.

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ARRB is a recognised leader in road safety research development to implement strategies that make our roads safer now, and into the future.

The information displayed on the map is derived from crash data sourced from multiple state bodies, processed, harmonised and aligned by ARRB.

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